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Care Messenger makes keeping in touch easy for everybody, using technology everyone can cope with.

It allows you to send messages and pictures from your mobile or computer, straight to a television screen, using our simple box.

And the person getting the message can send a simple response back using their familiar television remote control.

  All this convenience is yours - simply connect

• Sends messages and pictures straight to a television screen

• Appears during programmes so you’ll know your message is seen

• Send unlimited messages and pictures included in the small monthly fee

• Unlimited users – keep in touch with friends, family, carers and anyone you choose

• Free app for Android and Apple iOS for sending and logging messages and responses

Care Messenger

"Even those of us who’ve been fascinated by exciting technical developments all our lives start to realise that one day it’s going to get beyond us. All the new, smart ways of keeping in touch, understanding what they all do, having to remember passwords – the digital world may hold the key to instant communication but, as we get older, some of us are never going to be comfortable relying on it. Which is why I’m so impressed with Care Messenger – a simple way to make the sort of personal contact we’re all going to need, through the medium so many of us know best of all – our televisions."

Michael Rodd - Tomorrow's World Presenter and Businessman



"My mother has recently returned from a spell in hospital and we are using the system much more - CM has really come into its own. She is able to keep on top of all her daily medication and numerous appointments. Also, a number of family members have been using CM to great effect - mother absolutely loves getting messages from everyone. Local council Home Help visiting my mother have been impressed with CM. In short, CM is a fantastic and fun way to help my mother cope with life at home." Phil Winter - Customer

"We believe that the Care Messenger technology is potentially a much more powerful, cost effective, and feature-rich way to deliver Telecare services to our clients than what is currently available.

At present, Telecare technologies are largely reactive (to falls, accidents, gas leaks etc.) and could be taken as rather expensive insurance policies, used only 3% of the time! The Care Messenger technology takes advantage of the one piece of technology the elderly use more than any other (their TV) and spend a great deal of time watching.

The elderly are both familiar and at ease with the TV and remote, so this is an ideal way to reach them for proactive communications and to allow family and friends, many of them living at a distance or even abroad, to stay in touch, thereby addressing social isolation which other Telecare technologies do not touch at present – they are chiefly focused on safety. In particular, the simple video conferencing system you are developing will be ideal and of great interest to us. We have tried Skype and other video applications, but these are not appropriate for old people and the simplicity of the Care Messenger approach to video calls which does not entail any channel shift is much more suited to this target audience.

We see the whole Care Messenger solution being a key part of our Telecare offering in the future."

Andrew Ginns, Head of ICT and Corporate Services, Nottingham Community Housing Association

We are members of BATA, TSA, UKTelecare, SEHTA, NECC, Campaign to End Loneliness

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Care Messenger

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