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nottinghamNCHA is a leading Care Messenger partner. Led by John Bartle, Director of Housing NCHA has broken away from the traditional delivery of Telecare and looked at how people in the UK actually lead their lives. They have identified that adults with disabilities and older persons have their TV on for an average of 14 hours a day. The top concern of this group is social isolation from their 'circle of support'. NCHA is looking to create a way to maintain that connection using technology tools that deliver people's perceived needs by harnessing their already established behaviours eg using TV for company.

They are working in partnership with Loughborough University to explore how their approach delivers improved outcomes in health & wellbeing. NCHA is looking to offer social triage more cost effectively remembering that in the future there will be more people needing social care support whilst financial resource is not going to keep pace with demand. One person going in to A&E costs £100 and if they stay overnight, £600. However small exploratory diagnostics are while in hospital, the cost quickly climbs to £900 for a 24hr admission. The same applies to GP calls and other healthcare provisions and cost models.

With the help of Care Messenger's simple and cost effective TV messaging and 'push video' conferencing technology, NCHA plan to deliver a far more cost effective and value added service than traditional Telecare offerings reducing unnecessary hospital visits, GP appointments, and social exclusion. NCHA now have Care Messenger systems installed at Muskham and Broxtowe. Project Manager, Andrew Ginns commented: "We believe that the Care Messenger technology is potentially a much more powerful, cost effective, and feature rich way to deliver Telecare services to our clients than what is currently available".

Housing and Care 21

Housing and Care case studyCare Messenger is installed in Housing 21's Winton Court, an Extra Care Scheme in Gateshead. Additional installations include Housing 21's community tenants in North Tyneside and a new build in Sunderland (Dovecote) with 170 apartments opening June 2014. Housing 21 commissioned Care Messenger to help address social isolation, early dementia, and to raise awareness of tenants about organised activities, significantly improving communications.

Victoria Barclay, Regional Director, Housing 21 commented: "This is a revolution for assisted living. Housing 21 is delighted to be at the forefront of testing this new solution. For many older people modern technologies, like mobiles, computers and the internet, have passed them by. But TV is something they feel familiar and comfortable with. Now staff can send out reminders about events, tell people what's on the lunch menu or advise what the weather's like today – the possibilities are endless."

"We're very excited at the potential for Care Messenger to help combat loneliness and isolation, raise levels of reassurance and encourage continued independence."


north tynesideNorth Tyneside Council, in conjunction with Northumbria University, has installed a cohort of Care Messenger systems into their sheltered housing schemes. They see the system as a common tool for all stakeholders (including scheme managers and carers, healthcare workers, and family and friends) to use to communicate with an elderly demographic who are otherwise very difficult to reach. Northumbria University's research is led by Professor Dr Glenda Cook, Professor of Nursing, School of Health, Community and Education Studies.


age ukAge UK Enterprises are trialling Care Messenger with 30 users in the North East region and see the system as potentially being one of the most popular items in their portfolio, ideal for families who live at distances or abroad to stay in touch with loved ones. They see Care Messenger as a powerful tool to develop inter-generational social interaction, not happening for many in their advancing years who are often not confident using email, smart phones and touch-screens, no matter how big the buttons!


hmp isisThe same proprietary Infotu.be TV messaging technology is being used to deliver messaging to TVs in all 489 cells in the Thamesmead state of the art Young Offenders prison replacing traditional prison communication where officers were delivering paper placed notes under cell doors for all prisoners!

Daz McCaighy, Head of Business, Change & Delivery, HMP Isis commented: "It is not an exaggeration to say i-Spy's TV Messenger system could revolutionise communications in prisons. I have worked in the prison service for 20 years now and we are talking here about moving from a manual under-the-door notes system which takes hours, to an immediate onscreen communication using a computer that takes seconds!

Not only does the system save significantly on staff time, the communication is so immediate. It used to take us two hours to get round all the cells with a change to the daily routine and that delay often led to prisoners banging on doors, and general protesting that they didn't know what was going on. But with this system, everybody is kept in touch and knows what's happening at the same time. No delays! If it helps calm the prisoners and keep them in touch with what is going on, then it is making a major contribution to safer custody which is something we are always trying to improve here. We know from the feedback we've had, that the prisoners are watching and taking notice of it. Actually, we're just beginning to realise how much more we could make of the system. What it says on the tin, it does!"


nhs scotlandI'm completely believe in Care Messenger. This is exactly what we need to reach an elderly audience. Not only does it help us with vital medical communications and data collection, it addresses the challenges of social isolation and exclusion.

George Crooks, OBE, Medical Director and Main Board Director, NHS 24 Scotland

abbottWe've not come across anything like Care Messenger to reach an older audience for our Project Guardian Telehealth initiative. I think the system is a unique and powerful communication tool and we are delighted to have i-Spy Digital as an integral partner in our delivery programme

David J. Heard, Head of Health Information Management Health Solutions, Abbott Products Operations AG

logoCare Messenger is a great way of engaging the staff, friends and relatives with the residents. We can ask how they are, tell them what's on the menu for lunch, and send activity reminders and wellbeing messages like warnings of icy conditions or keeping hydrated during hot weather. It's so quick to send the messages and saves staff wasting time having to drop into every apartment with routine messages – Care Messenger can do all that for us!

Carole Bertram, Centre Manager, Winton Court Extra Care Centre

"Even those of us who've been fascinated by exciting technical developments all our lives start to realise that one day it's going to get beyond us. All the new, smart ways of keeping in touch, understanding what they all do, having to remember passwords – the digital world may hold the key to instant communication but, as we get older, some of us are never going to be comfortable relying on it. Which is why I'm so impressed with Care Messenger – a simple way to make the sort of personal contact we're all going to need, through the medium so many of us know best of all – our televisions."

Michael Rodd, BBC Broadcaster, Tomorrow's World, Screen Test and Businessman

I love the photos I get from Australia from my grandchildren. Whenever a photo comes in, I would rather stop what I am watching and look at the message. It's lovely.

Joan – resident in Extra Care Scheme

It's good that my mum's grandchildren can send photos to their grandma and that the Care Staff can send messages if they are running late or a photo of themselves if they haven't been to see mum before.

Lesley – relative of a resident in the community

I don't have a smart phone, so it is great that I can send a text message to John which appears on the television when I am out shopping or at work.

Anne – main carer of her husband

I'm delighted! Our family are really pleased with this new technology to encourage communication with mum in her own home. It has provided lots of opportunities for her daughters and grandchildren to keep in touch with messages and photos from wherever they are in the world. And all to her TV screen. It's so simple to use - can't rate it highly enough!

Hilda – relative of a Care Messenger user in the community

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NHS 24 Scotland, NHS England, Mylan, Mears Group, Nottingham Community Housing Association, North Tyneside Council, Microtech Support, Saga, Northumbria University, University of Loughborough, Broxtowe Borough Council, Digital Health Institute, SCS Technologies

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