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Installing the Care Messenger Device


Setting Up Care Messenger

What equipment do I need to use Care Messenger?

A television and some form of internet connection, but we can sort out an internet connection for you if you need help.

Do I have to have a special television?

No - Care Messenger works with a standard television. It does need an HDMI connection though which is a very standard connection for most TVs. If you have a flat screen TV you probably have one of those, it looks like this:


How secure is Care Messenger?

The Care Messenger system only allows messages to be sent to users if they have accepted link requests, but we can help you if messages become annoying to you, just let us know.

Does Care Messenger work with my TV provider e.g. Sky, Virgin, BT Vision, Freeview box?

Yes, Care Messenger works no matter what TV system you use, clear instructions for all TV providers are included in the box, or we can arrange an engineer to set it up for you if you like (but most people have a friend or relative who can follow the instructions!)

How long does it take to install Care Messenger?

Ten to fifteen minutes for most people, it depends how fast you read.

How do I create an avatar (picture of myself to identify me as the message sender)?

App users can do this by clicking on profile, and choosing the relevant option. You can use any photo from your phone, or use your camera to take a new one if you wish. If you use the web portal just click on your user name at the top right where you will have the same options to upload a photo from your PC.

How do I access Care Messenger on the internet?

Go to www.caremessenger.co.uk. There is a login button on the web site which will get you in.

Do I need to create an ID and password?

Yes, but you can do this using the website, or using the mobile apps. You only need one username and password and it will work even if you change phones or want to use the website occasionally.

How do I access the manual?

Please visit the website www.caremessenger.co.uk/manual

Does the set top box come with TV?

Yes the set top box comes with all standard free to air channels that most of us use and love. They will appear if you have an aerial attached when you set up the box.

Care Messenger costs

Is there a monthly charge for Care Messenger?

Sending messages is free, no matter how many people send them. But to receive them on a TV you will need a resident account, which costs £6 per month.

How much is the Care Messenger set top box?

The box costs £99, but if you want to avoid this cost give us a call about arranging a 12 month contract!

How many users can send messages?

Care Messenger allows unlimited users so all your chosen family, friends and carers can get in touch for no extra charge

How much does a text cost?

If you use the website or app, messages and photos are free, but if you use SMS it costs whatever you are normally charged to send a text message. Check with your contract provider.

Do you have a question about Care Messenger?

If there are any questions you have that are not answered here, we would be very happy to talk to you and answer them. You can either email your questions to support@caremessenger.co.uk or call us on 0191 206 4004 (during business hours Monday to Friday).



Sending Messages

Can I send messages with any mobile phone?

You only need a mobile phone if you want to send messages. If you are using Care Messenger on your TV this isn't relevant – we do have apps for Android and iOS users, but if you are more comfortable with SMS Text Messages we can sort that out for you too.

Does Care Messenger have an Android app?

Yes - go to the Google Play Store, search for Care Messenger and download for free

Does Care Messenger have an iPhone app?

Yes go the Apple Store, search for Care Messenger and download for free

How much does the app cost?

It is FREE

Can I send photos?

Yes, you can send photos from any of the mobile apps, but also from the web portal which all app users can access for free.

Can I send emails?

No, but you can send messages through the website. We are working on enabling this in the near future though.

Can I ask questions?

Yes, type your question in the subject or body fields, you can add choices for the receiver to select by clicking on the + icon in the CHOICES section.

Can I send video clips?

This feature will be coming soon.

How do I schedule a message to be sent at a specific time?

For now we have decided that scheduling a message can only be done through the website, go to www.caremessenger.co.uk for more information.

How do I message through text only?

This is different for every user, but the best way to check this is to sit in front of the TV that will be used to view the messages.
Press the [ ] button (bottom right on your remote), and choose 'account'. Details will be on there.

Can I send messages from anywhere in the world?

Yes, if you use the www.caremessenger.co.uk website, iOS or Android apps you can send messages from anywhere. SMS text messages can only be sent from the UK for now

Receiving Messages

How does the receiver close the message once it has been read?

All they have to do is choose the response that best suits them by using the arrow keys and the OK button, often there will only be one choice.

How does the receiver answer a multiple choice question?

By selecting the up and down arrows on the remote to move to the correct message then selecting OK.

Does the television have to be switched on to receive the message?

If you send a message while the TV is switched off it will hang around until someone switches it on, no messages should ever be missed! Of course you will have to wait for a response until the receiver has read it!

Can I access old messages?

Yes, press the [ ] button on the remote and choose 'Message History'.

Can I see photos people have sent me?

Soon. We are working on a photo gallery which automatically saves all of the photos people send you so you can find them easily.

Does the message come through to all the televisions in the house?

No your box is one per television and each box has a unique number.

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